What You Need To Know

All images and photographs produced by Jose Hernandez Photography are intellectual property of Jose Hernandez Photography.


What does that mean? See below.




  • I paid you to be photographed, don’t I own the photographs?

       Sometimes, it is thought that anytime someone purchases a portrait session, they own the photographs.  However, this is not true.


  • Can I make changes to your photos?

       No, you are not permitted to make any changes to any image that I produce without my consent. This is considered "Copyright Infringement" under the law. 


  • Can I purchase Photo Rights from you to make prints / sale prints?

       Yes, please send me an email in order to discuss this.


  • What is your turn around time?

       Photos are completed on a flex gradual basis, as time allows accordingly. If Client needs images by a deadline, please make me aware prior to shoot as there may be

       expedited costs for rapid turnaround.


"You don't take a photograph,

you create it."

- Ansel Adams

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